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Meet the Students

For future students

Add an international dimension to your engineering degree - so did we!



I have been introduced to a totally new way of learning. In France there is a spirit of competition among the students. Here we are not competitors. Contrary we are effective team-workers in multidisciplinary project work. Also the examination form is very different. You don’t need to learn by rote. You need to understand, define a project, and find solutions. I like the international atmosphere with the mix of cultures. And I like the Danish nature and the Danish people. They use bicycles instead of cars in the city, and they have a very high level of consciousness on environmental issues.
Marie Lècuyer, France, Industrial Software Engineering


I follow a Wastewater Engineering course. It comprises a variety of subjects within environmental planning and management which fits perfectly in to my academic profile.  The best thing about studying at Engineering College Aarhus is the relationship between teachers and students. I am not used to lecturers knowing my name for example. They look at students as individuals and it creates a really good college environment. The quality of the education is high and includes a lot of project-based learning. The theoretical aspects are systematically connected to real life examples.
Edita Tamosiunaite, Lithuania, Urban Water






Scandinavian countries have always appealed to me. I like the people and the culture.  I chose to study in Aarhus because it is a hub for wind technology. Here I am part of an international class and the diversity among students ads an important aspect to my educational outcome. Most of the time we are studying in groups and it is interesting to see that we have all been taught different methods to solve a problem from our home universities.
Geoffrey Bastiaens, Belgium, Mechanical Design

Engineering College of Aarhus overcomes my expectations. As an international student you are offered some of the best courses within wind turbine technology. I have already gained a lot of experience about practical project work in groups. I like the Danish way of learning. There are many activities that stimulates both theoretical reflection and entrepreneurship.
Kacper Wieckowski, Poland, Mechanical Design



"The education system in Denmark is completely different compared to my home university. At IHA I have gained a lot of experience about practical project work and I have learned that another way of teaching is possible and in some cases better. Here the lecturers know your name and are always available to solve your problems. Occasional breaks are nice, and 24/7 access to the building is very convenient. Finally, working with student from other countries and cultures has opened my mind and made me think about working abroad, something that I would never have considered earlier."

Diego Valladolid Sandino, Electronic Engineering, University of Valladolid, Spain.







"If you are a student who likes a user-friendly environment, then IHA is the place to go. The lectures are based on discussions. You can state your opinion and have your classmates or the teacher analyze it and give you their points of view. If you have any problems, just ask the first person you see on your path, and he will help you the best he can (teachers, staff, students). Here, the teacher is your first classmate, which makes me feel confident.

There is an open door for the student on choosing projects. This lets you experience the training received in the way you like. The advantage is that the student gets close to the real world by "generating ideas" and solving engineering problems".

Ghislain Ndeuchi, School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD), Switzerland



"The learning method at IHA is very different from what I am used to in Spain. At IHA we mainly do practical project work, which makes it easier to assimilate what we are studying. One of the most surprising things at this school is that we students have total access to the building anytime we want to. Besides, every project group has its own room to work in, which, in my opinion, helps to create a better working environment. The relationship between professors and students is very friendly, and they help us whenever they can."
Mónica Otero Vidal, Universidad de Valladolid, Spain


 "I have studied Environmental Engineering Aarhus. I am learning about the underground water, how to extract it, how to make wells and how to recognize pollution in the water and it has been very exciting especially because of the teaching methods.

The teachers are treating us like partners. They take us seriously, and the atmosphere in classroom is full of humour, seriousness and knowledge. Even the exams are held in a nice way. For the first time I found an examination pleasant.

I like Aarhus very much. The city is close to sea and forest and the downtown is full of atmosphere. I have it all in a walking distance."

Katerina Lustykova, Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic



”I have studied wastewater engineering one semester in Aarhus and it has been very exciting. I chose to study in Denmark because I always knew that the engineering education has a very high quality in Scandinavian Countries. While studying in Aarhus, I have been living in Skjoldhøj Kollegiet (a small student town in the suburb of Aarhus) and that has been perfect. At school, I especially liked the course on sewage systems and water environment. Also, it has been very fun to hang out with the other students from Denmark and other countries. The Danish students are also friendly ;)”

Vaidotas Kisielius, Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Lithuania



"Studying in Aarhus has been a really nice experience. The teaching methods are totally different: a lot of practical work instead of theory, and a lot of project work in groups. The relationship between the students and the teachers are close, the latter always trying to help as much as possible. Some strange things have for example been to have access to the university at any time or eating and drinking during the class. The only inconvenience has been the weather! It’s impossible to know if it’s going to rain or snow during wintertime, or if the sun is going to shine in 10 minutes."
Alejandro Rodríguez Fernández, Universitat Politecnica Catalunya, Spain


Testimonials from Mechanical Design students



"I studied electronics in my home university and went to study in Denmark because I was very interested in the international course about mechanical design and because I wanted to study in an international environment. I chose Aarhus because I found out that is a perfect city to be a foreign student – people are very friendly, the university takes care of a place to live, and you can always ask the teachers about everything. In Spain there are many more theoretical subjects and there are more students per class. In Aarhus we can learn how to work in teams, and I found this interesting for our future. Last semester was a good experience in general."

Laura Ambres Fernandez, University of León, Spain





"I have always been interested in wind turbine structures and Denmark is very famous for them, so it was very easy to choose Denmark for my education. I have studied in the Mechanical Department and I've had a fantastic time here in Denmark. Even the weather has been great. Aarhus is a very nice city and I have lived close to the beach, centre and public transport which is perfect. Also, the university is  modern  and the Danes are very kind and helpful."

Lidiya Dukova, UACEG Sofia, Bulgaria